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AutoAssign and PunishmentGiven Keywords  



Hi people, 


Just after a clarification on a couple of points.


1. If a punishment is given during an AutoAssign time period, will it activate the procedure attached to the PunishmentGiven event?

2. If I have unfinished assignments in my list WITHOUT the AutoAssign=1 line in them, will they still be started if I begin an AutoAssign time period or will the program just start assigning new jobs/punishments that have the AutoAssign=1 line?


Thanks in advance!

1 Answer
  1. I would think so. But the easiest way to find out is to try.
  2. Yes, it will. Provided that the assignments have an estimate or ValueUnit=minute or ValueUnit=hour. And does not have Longrunning=1. 

AutoAssign=1 only says that this job may be added to the assignment list if there are no assignments available.