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Bug in detention?  



I can't tell if this is a problem with the program or with the app I use to run it, but sometimes when detention is running it doesn't register that the button has been clicked, even when I click four or five times. How can I fix this?

3 Answers

I have never experienced this, or heard about it from others. So my guess is that the problem is on your own computer. Unfortunately I have no suggestions on how to solve it. 

Sven B.

I am thinking it's to do with the kind of software I'm using to run it — I believe it uses windows xp, could that be an issue?


I don't think that Windows XP should be a problem. Much of the program was developed on Windows XP. But I can not be really sure, as I can't test it. 

Which devise are you using? It sounds like it is not an ordinary computer. 


I have a mac, but as macs don't run .exe files I am using the app winebottler to allow it to run the program.


It could be something in the app. Unfortunately I don't know anything about macs.


it's not consistent (sometimes the button does respond - just now it worked twice but not the third time), so I'm going to just try restarting/resetting and hope. thank you!