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cloth insturctions are misbehaveing and should be punished  



When I ask for clohthing instuctions I get one set when it send the sub to dressing it give me another set even though i ask for the same set in the script

See screenshot

The picture number 1 is when i ask for clothing instructions and the second is when is use the report.


I only have one [Clothing-Home hot] in my file. and this is what the report is calling as well. Could this be a bug?



4 Answers

Do you have the keyword "Change" in [clothing-Home hot]?

Change=daily is what you want.

Change=program will give you new instructions each time you use the report. But will keep the same when you ask with the menu. 

Change=always will always give you new instructions every time you ask. No matter how you do it. 




I do have change=Daily

I did try to cahnge it to =program 


With Program it also changed... 


Maybe the bug is in my script somewhere... 10k lines og reading comeing up 😛



There may be a bug in the program. I have experienced something similar. I will investigate it further.



I agree that it ia a bug in the program. I have the same problem.

This is a bug that has turned up unexpectedly. I expect it has to do with a change in the Windows operating system, though I can't imagine how. 

But I think I have solved the program in the next version of the program. 

I have created a sticky with known bugs in the forum.