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Couple of Questions  



I'm in the process of creating a script, have plagiarized some thing from scipts on the site. Here are two lines from one of the scripts from the site:

 text=Today you have been available for {#TotalToday} hours.
 text=Yesterday you were available for {#TotalYesterday} hours

These are returning 1 second.  Can you tell me what I'm missing?

Second question.  Years ago, I played briefly with VM.  I vaguely remember a program that was designed to parse out all the operation details,  and only let the slave know somethings.  I know we can do something like that with "Restrict=".  You could call the report program from VM for the slave.  Am I completely out of my mind, or just a little bit?



2 Answers

Hi DW.

Probably you are missing to put a value in the counters #TotalToday and #TotalYesterday. 

I don't understand the second question. You can use Restrict to hide details for the sub. But I don't understand whet else you want.




I think you might be referring to a program that essentially took the report and cleaned out some of the extraneous detail and put it into a more visually appealing was called VMR (VirMstReporter) and I believe it was by a user named Sheldon (posting as cooper1337). I don't know where you'd get your hands on it these days, though.  I don't think he's been active in the group for years but I could be wrong. 

If you find the restrict function doesn't restrict enough, you can also (with much more work) create a custom 'report card' using variables to track whatever indicators you want and then either displaying them in the program window using text= lines or sending them as an email to the master or the  sub at regular intervals or as requested. That takes a fair bit more work to set up, however. Then remove access to the report entirely. 

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