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easily-readable reports  



Hi all and Sven,

I would like suggestions on how to make the report file more readable for the dom. Is there any way, other than the sub editing it, to make it readable and easy for the owner? 
Thank you very much for your kind attention.
This program is awesome.

3 Answers

Hi Dave

There is no way to make the report more readable, except editing it. 

By the way, if you have the sub editing it, the sub will also be able to change it. 

In the next version I am working on, which is not due for some time, as I don't have time for it at the moment, I am changing the report to html format, which makes it much more readable. 



Thank you so much for the very quick and helpful response. I look forward to when you can have time to work on it. Best wishes.


Hi Dave,

You could create a report using a new status that contains some of the important information you want to relay to the dom. It won't include everything, but you can show if an action may or may not have occurred. The sub can copy and paste the text from the main screen into an email and sent it to the Master on a nightly basis. 

Short example:

[report- Nighttime report for Master]


newstatus=Nighttime report for Master

[status-Nighttime report for Master]

text=This is what your slave did today:
text=I wore {$masterschoiceclothing} today.
text=Slave was disobedient {#punishment} times today.
text=Total # of urine consumed today: {#amoutoffluid}
text=Amount of urine consumption assigned today: {#fluidlevelbedtime}



Thank you very much, Mistress Sebrina. This is very helpful.


Mistress Sebrina made me think of the keyword WriteReport, which I sometimes uses to make the report readable. Either to give an important message to the master encased in ***. Or to write separator lines. 




Thank you. I will look into both of these options. This is such a great community and it is changing so many lives for the better.