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Load data from the file / FTP / executed program  



I can't find the way to load data (into variable or something) from the file or other sources, not from a human. I think this feature can be very useful to automate some process.

Maybe Launch can return program output to some variable?

Or maybe there's a way to do it, but I don't know it?

Maybe there can be some parts of config file with updated data?

Do you have any ideas?

3 Answers

It's not possible today. It's something I've been thinking about for a future version. But I have no actual plans about doing something like this.

Sven B.


I've done some tests. Well, the only way (I could think of) to get some info into the script from outer world (without sub input) is to write it to the included file into variables and restart the program.

set$=$resVar,This is test!





Program can be restarted automatically, if you update your scripts through FTP or you can do it with "PgmAction=Close" and restarting it from outside CMD-file.

This way seems too strange and difficult, maybe there are some other ways people use? It can be made easier if there will be "PgmAction=Restart" or "PgmAction=Reload", what do you think, Sven B.? 🙂


It is possible, but only if you use an unencrypted script. 

"PgmAction=Restart" will be rather easy to make. But I am not working on the program at the moment, so it will not be available for quite some time. 

You should be able to circumvent it by launching a .bat file with a short wait and a start of VirMst and then use "PgmAction=Close".

Sven B.