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Maxdecline question  



Hi Sven,

Is there any way of specifying a particular group when a punishment is declined? I'm looking to give a specific punishment if declining, not just an increase in severity.


Edited: 4 months  ago

Hi Chazz,

Sorry, there's no way to do that.



You could maybe achieve a similar result by not permitting declining at all, but then making your punishments deletable using DeleteAllowed=1, then adding a delete procedure that punishes from the group?  a bit more awkward to code - you'd have to include it with any punishment you want to be declinable - but could also give you some flexibilities to have fun with it too, like popping up a message like "oho, so you don't like my punishments, huh? Try this one on for size." Or impacting merits, etc. :p


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