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NewInstructions keyword  




The NewInstructions keyword is not allowed to be used in a procedure. Is that a bug, or is it not intended to be used from a procedure?

According to the Script Writing Manual, it should be possible to use this keyword to request instructions without showing the instructions window.


Hi neoc,

This is a bit embarrassing. I didn't remember the keyword, so I checked the manual I have om my computer. It wasn't there. Then I checked the uploaded manual, and it was there. And then the program source, but again it was missing.

It seems I have added it to the manual without actually coding it. And then when I discovered the mistake and changed the manual, I forgot to include it in the uploaded file. 

So the short answer is: There is no such keyword. I'm sorry about the inconvenience. I have uploaded a new zip-file with the correct manual.

Sven B.