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Picture= in other sections than status  



I have received this question:

Hi Sven,

Thanks for all your work. Would it be possible to allow for picture= to work other than only with a status change? For instance, from a procedure? This would allow for a change in pictures at any time. My program stays in one mode, a normal mode, throughout most of its time on so, unfortunately, I can't change to random pictures during the day. 
Thank you  

It is not possible to add Picture= to procedures or other sections, because it is two quite different ways to operate. It would give conflicts like "who should win, the procedure or the status". 

However, I believe that if a procedure switch to another status and back immediately, then the picture will be updated if the picture name is in a variable. Or if there is a choice between random pictures. 

By the way, I can only encourage to use the status facility, it is quite useful because you can control a lot based on the current status. 

Sven B.


Hi Sven B,


As I read the above answer you say it is possible to show pictures using a variable?


So if you have lets say 20 pictures you want to be shown random in any status you dont need to have 20 "Picture=" lines in each status but could use a single variable line in each status instead?

If I do understand that correct could you show me how to do that please?


If you just want a random picture, multible Picture= lines are absolutely the easiest. 

But if you want more control, you can do it like this:


[procedure-Change picture]






Thanks... I can see how that can be a tricky way to do it... Thanks anyway. 🙂



I think the absolute easiest way is to simply put your random pics in a folder and then use with *.jpg (assuming the're jpgs):


You can have different folders for each status.