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Problem with picture=.jpg  




I'm encountering a problem when incorporating the picture=*** .jpg command. The picture orientation changes and the picture often appear sideways even though it is upright in my file. Any suggestions? Thanks


Pictures taken in portrait format have some kind of metadata mark, that tells the viewing program to turn the picture 90 degrees. Newer programs uses that mark to always display the picture the right way, but some older programs does not. I guess that the display routine I use in VM, is the old style. The program has been created with an rather outdated tool. 

I suggest that you open the picture in a picture editing program, and saves it again. My guess is that that will change the direction.

If you don't have such a program, I can recommend IrfanView, which is a free little program which is very effective for this kind of changes. Also for resizing and stuff like that.

Sven B.


Thank you Sven