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Quick question re flag durations  



Hey there, I'm not sure of this and am not currently able to test - 

If I use a time varible to control the duration of a flag, and, while the flag is active, change the value of that variable, will the flag automatically update with the new value, or does it need  to be removed and reset for it to recognize the change in value? EG: In this scenario, would the flag expire after 5 min or after 10)?

[report-set example flag] 
  Set!=!exampleduration, 00:05

[flag-example flag]  

  Add! =!exampleduration, 00:05


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2 Answers

It's the value that the variable has when the flag is set, that counts. Meaning that it will not update with the new value. And that in the example the answer is 5 minutes.

You need to remove and set the flag to change the value. And beware that the duration will start over with the full value of the variable. 

Sven B.


Thanks Sven!  I kind of suspected as much, and it's good to know for sure!