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Something is off on my merits  

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I can't for the life of me figure out why sometimes I don't get merits after completing something, but in other times that same job will give merits. It happens on different jobs, not just the one. Sometimes I will get the merits and sometimes nothing happens when I complete the job. Does anyone know what could POSSIBLY be the issue? 


Also sometimes when a new day triggers, I will get all my jobs issued but then sometimes I will just lose a ton of points. I don't know if I'm supposed to lose points when jobs are assigned or if that's not supposed to happen because both happens. Do merits roll over when you get to many?


I feel like there is some kind of bug in my script or even the program itself. I just can't figure it out.

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When a punishment is issued, you loose points. And when it is completed, you get them back. For jobs, there is no such automatic behaviour.

Something that triggers the change of points must be in the script, either in the job definition or in an event. 

Sven B.



Also there is a maximum for how many points you can have. It's in the General section. I thing the keyword is MaxMerits, but I'm not sure. 

If you are on max, you are simply not given more merits. 




That's so weird. So I was at 874, I used the test menu to start a job that was supposed to give me 100. When I finished it I was at 594. The only thing that that job has merits attached to it is just the simple addmerit command. The max is at 1000. I don't have any ifs in my script because I don't really understand them that well so IDK whats going on. I had two punishments longrunning and one that was assigned yesterday but the merits had already been taken out so it couldn't have been those. And whats ever weirder is I had just done that job yesterday and it gave me the 100 points.


edit: I just did a different job and now im at 564 instead of adding merits again. that one wasn't a test menu job either.


Also just in case this is what a normal job looks like in my script


[job-(edited for privacy)]
Text=Minimum Duration: {!zzMinTime} | Completed: {!zzRunTime}


Hmm After a while I think I might have found whats going on. I think the combinations of the job being triggered from a report, with an interval also set, mixed with an expire penalty triggering when completing the job when it was not the day the job was interval'd on. I had messed around with it and found that norun would not add or remove any points, and run=daily added points. To fix it (I think), I tried creating a copy job and setting the interval to 0. So far havn't run into the minus points again. 

Also I think that might be why I lost points when I used the test menu when choosing a job that wasn't programmed to run on that day


lol nope... interval=0 still does not add points from jobs triggered through reports.. idk whats going on...


My advice is that you study the report. It shows when merits are added or subtracted. Maybe the context when it happens can tell you what is going on.




ok so, in the report it says I was at 824 (Value of pending punishments: 176.) to start the day.

Goes into outstanding assignments

Then is goes into all the jobs I was given

Then I started and completed the job, then it said Merits limited to maximum 594. (Value of pending punishments: 406.) Merits: +80, sum=594

Started and completed another job Merits limited to maximum 564. (Value of pending punishments: 436.) Merits: +50, sum=564

 No punishments had been given in that time frame 

Then it goes into me testing the jobs through the "report" button and the test button and the merits limited never changed until I did a job that was actually given by the program


There we have the reason. Because the maximum is 1000, and you have punishments pending of 406, it will only allow a maximum of 594. Otherwise you would not gain points by completing the punishments. The reason is to encourage you to complete the punishments.

Of course, something is wrong, because it should not allow a value above 595 at all. Maybe I have a bug in the program, or maybe it is because you are in a test phase, where you have a higher start value. 



Idon't understand where the 406 came from though. I already had my punishments remove 176 at the start of the other punishments were issued...and suddenly it was 406?


Also not sure what you mean by start value. But if you mean the 500 merits you start with at start up? I haven't changed that.


Also I still have the same punishments active, yet now I have Merits limited to maximum 767. (Value of pending punishments: 233.) after 2 jobs randomly worked. but I can't get above that number.


There's got to be an explanation. But finding it would require a deeper analysis, which I don't have the time to do. 

The start value I talked about is the 500 merits which is the default. So that's not the explanation.

The only advice I can offer, is to study the report and see what has happened. Maybe you can find an explanation this way. 




The only thing I can really think of, is maybe there is some sort of delay happening when a new day ticks over, then it adds up the punishments and assigns a new value but that value doesn't come into effect until after the first change in merits. So like, it looks like I lose merits after completing a job or something but maybe I'm still getting those merits but the max merits are being altered at the same time. Honestly it's a total guess. I kind of feel like there is a bug in how the max merits based on punishments are altered. Jobs that have been assigned from the script don't seem to be limited in the same way that jobs assigned from other ways do. I think something that would help would be some sort of indicator in the merits bar what you max is would make it way more clear. 


There should be no delays in the calculation. Of course I can't rule out a bug in the program, but I haven't changed it for a very long time, and I haven't heard about this from anyone else. 

Unfortunately I am not able to look more into it now. 

The visible maximum is a good idea. Maybe I can use that in the future. 





IS there ANY way to remove the pending punishment limit? Or alter it manually? Or anything like that? I literally delete all status files and start fresh and start with a 760 pending punishment value when not a single punishment has even had the chance to be given. I don't know what is going on but for some reason my jobs seem to be counted as punishments or something. It's so frustrating. I've spent so much time trying to figure out why this is happening...I just can't anymore. At this point I might as well just start learning how to code my own program just so I can deal with this issue. 

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