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STP time stack problem  



 Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create my first script in STP and after circa 3/4 of tasks, the error message "time stack full" starts to appear on some tasks (not all of them). Does anyone know why is it happening?

I know it's an old program with no further updates, but I'm not asking for correcting the bug, I just want to know why it is hapenning so I can adjust the script.

When I tried the problem tasks separetely in a new script, it works. So it will be some kind of interference with the previous tasks. May be problem with the total number of tasks? Or total length or duration of the script? 

Thank you for any help. I know that the same script could be probably created in VirMst too, but I wanted to start with the easier program first.



It's been more than 10 years since I looked at this program. Probably closer to 20, so I don't remember very well how it works. 

I took a look at the code. The time stack is used when the program saves the time to be able to give a response time later. It has 20 elements. 

If there is no bug in the program, it means that you have saved the time 20 times without fetching it again. I guess that means a popup in a popup in 20 levels. 

It is more likely that there is a bug in the program where the time is not taken off the stack. But where that is, I cannot say. And I don't feel like digging down into this old program again.

I don't know if this helps you, but it's the best I can do.

Sven B.