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Vanashing clothes in 4.0?  



I have run 4.0 for a week or two. In the clothing report its easy to add an type like "Collar" and several items like "Chain collar and  Posture Collar".

The same for Type "Cuffs" and items Wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. I have chosen the posture collar and both sets of cuffs. After making the report and going back to the Clothing Report the program remembers the things i have on my body (in the left grid) but when I again look up the type Collar there are no options visible. The same for Type cuffs. The wirst cuffs and ankle cuffs I just entered are gone. ....

So the new entered Type remains but the new entered Items are gone.

There is feedback when a Type is added. Saved! but not when a Item is added. 


Added=1-8-2020 14:53:26

[ClothItem-Ankle cuffs]
Name=Ankle cuffs

[ClothItem-Wrist cuffs]
Name=Wrist cuffs

New Added items remain in the Status report but are not availble when Cuffs is picked from the Roll Down menu in Clothes Report. 

I tried exporting Clothes. The report has all the Types listen but no Items at all. 

Hope this is making sense....



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3 Answers

This problem is fixed in the new Beta 3 just published.



Many thanks for that speedy repair! Works like a charm now.



Hi peter,

I'll look into it. Thank you for testing 4.0.