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Scripting with Extensions  


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09/01/2019 10:00 pm  

I have been thinking it would be really cool to be able to create complex scripts that can be easily  changed to fit a lot different people and interests. 

There's also always the problem, that when running your own scripts you will always know what will happen, but when using other peoples scripts they won't fit your schedule or preferences.

For this reason I wrote a tool that lets script writers easily divide their scripts into multiple files. For example having external configurations for time schedules and other things.

At the same this tool allows people that want to use these scripts to conveniently choose "extensions" or parts of the program that they want to enable (or disable), without having to look through the script and taking the surprise away.

The file that I have attached contains a demo of this tool. It currently lets you uncomment parts of code and insert code from files. I wrote a Base Script with two extensions, the first one being a chastity extension and the other a pet play extension. They can be enabled and disabled without affecting each other. So you can either run the Base Script alone, with any of the other two scripts or all at the same time.

To try this test you have to download the zip archive, extract it and run the Extension Installer. There you will have to enter a name for the script that will generated, then choose the "SlaveTrainer.ini" script with the "select script" button and finally choose the extensions that you want to use. After hitting "Install Extensions" a new file will have been created with the name you entered. This is now a runnable script featuring the selected extensions. 

Under Resources and in the corresponding folders you can also fiddle with the setting of the scripts contained in the "chastitysetting.ini", "petsettings.ini" and "basesettings.ini".

To use this tool for your own purposes, you will have to add these code comments to your scripts.



The ExtentionName will show up in the Extention List in the tool if you select your script.

"uncomment" deletes everything that is before "yourcodehere" and "insert" inserts the file given by "yourfilepathherer".

I have not included any pictures in the download as the file would be quite large. 

I'll be happy to answer any questions regarding the tool or the script.



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22/06/2019 1:32 pm  

Hello Tastetest, 

I don´t have any kind of experience in skripting but I tried my very best in the last month. 
Maybe I am a bit stupid, because I am not able to run the ExtensionInstaller, because it is a zip. If i unpack the zip i just have .class files and can´t work with them either. 

I would be really grateful if you could help me out, I would love to run your skripts. 

Thank you very much