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VirMst Crash  



See attached for details, has happened twice, yesterday, and today.  I have to restart my machine to get VirMst to start.



Hi DW,

First, this should have been posted in Questions, suggestions and tips. This forum is for sharing scripts. Unfortunately I didn't notice when I approved it. 

I seldom hear about problems like this. One thing I have encountered myself, is if I have an online backup program running, I often have problems with file sharing. If it's possible that any other program access the files of VM, then try to stop these programs. VM is very I/O intensive on the status file and the report file. 

Sven B.



Sorry, could not upload the attachment in questions, which is why I put it here.  Realized today, that I had put this machine into the Microsoft early release program, and it had a big update Thursday/Friday.  Let me roll that update back and see if it happens again.




I understand. I have opened for attachments in the forum for questions. 

Let me know if the roll back works.