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Looking for writescrypt or master  


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06/01/2018 6:20 pm  

I'm 22 gay slave and looking for scrypts adapted of Master. I don't like do chores and jobs. I like to be enforced in lycra bodysuit, latex catsuit, it's my uniform. I have police handcuffs, leather handcuffs, nipple clamps, CB-6000, padlocks 2mini and 1 combination padlocks, 2 big padlocks and a masturbator cup, ropes,  latex catsuit, lycra bodysuit and wrestling singlet.  I like selfbondage, edging, cum control. I want to be cotrolled, when I watch tv, eat, masturbate and etc., medium punishments, no risking and unsafe things.

If anyone can write something with these requiements, I will appreciated. 



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