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(M) Looking for virmst dom  


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01/01/2018 11:46 am  


I've been interested about virmst for couple years now , but I have been just a casual user that might try it alone for a while and just forget about it and try it again some another time. I've tried making scripts that would for instance motivate me to study and make my chores done. I would love to try it long-term but I can't just get motivated without having anyone overseeing my process. Making sure that I actually do what the program tells me to do and talk about the punishments and how can I improve myself.  I'm also very amateur script writer and I would love to try someones customized script for me. 

I'm a straight male. I'm university student and I'm 21 years old. I live alone and I have relatively lot of free-time. As a straight male I of course would love to have woman overseeing my process but I'm okay with men too. 

I like the feeling of being controlled all the time and I am ready to do lots of different things as long as they're not harmful or publicly humiliating. I like to ask for permissions and do tasks. I like the feeling that if I do something wrong it will have consequences.

I would love to communicate with you on email often. I don't want this relationship be just you sending me the script but I want it to be beneficial for both of us, maybe even for a longer term as long as the relationship works. Try me and get to know me.