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Sub Looking for Scriptwriter&Dom  


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02/01/2018 6:33 pm  

Hey guys,


I worked with VirMst for a few years now, some times more, some less, some not ... I wrote also my own (simple) scripts but as i know always the code and the possibility to cheat easily it doesnt make a lot of fun! So i search now for a scriptwriter who also enjoys the dom side and control me over the script.

I would appreciate it to communicate via messengers in addition to the work with Virtual Master.

Who am i?

I identify as a Female! I am transgender, but live my (female)life fully since almost 6 years now and i had surgery, so i dont think it will matter much unless you are not transphob 🙂 or want to breed ^^

I live alone in an apartement, have absolutely no problem with cam, but i am not fine with face or videos (Maybe that changes after we know each other better). I work fulltime if thats important... so i will be mainly able to use the program on the evenings and weekends. Like i wrote i had already done some things with VirMstr, and had also gathered little experience as (online)sub...

I like the feel of being "controlled" and also that i have to ask for certain things (But i am not willing to ask for all tiny actions!).

To be honest i like to act like a brat sometimes and i have problems with obedience from time to time so you should be a guy who can handle this! (On the other hand, if you like punishments...) 🙂

I think thats enough for an quick insight. If your are still reading and if you are interested feel free to contact me at:

and we can get more into the details!

BR Sarah


Big Quant
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04/01/2018 9:10 pm  

You can contact me on