Slave Control Software

This is the homepage of the two programs Virtual Master and Slave Control Program.

Virtual Master

The program enables a sub to design her/his own “virtual master/mistress” to which she/he can report, ask permissions, ask instructions etc. Or it enables a master/mistress to set up a set of rules for a sub, who can send reports back to the master. The program is intended for long term use.

Slave Training Program

This program enables the mistress/master to design a training program for a slave and the slave to execute the program without knowing in advance what is expected of him/her. The program automatic generates a report for the mistress/master to view. There’s no connection to any physical devices. The slave is only controlled by the commands given from the program. The program is intended for doing individual training sessions.


The forum is a place where users of these programs can exchange experiences and files. It is also a good place to look for answers and to ask questions.

In the forum you can also search for play partners to work with the programs. You need to be logged in to do this.


The best place to get support is at the forum.