Virtual Master 4.3.5 available

Virtual Master version 4.3.5 is available on the download page. News: SubtractMerits to subtract merit points. ForgetPenaltyGroup, IgnorePenaltyGroup and SigninPenaltyGroup. InputDateDef! and InputTimeDef! which does the same as InputDate! and InputTime!, except that you can specify a default value (start value). LaunchMinimized will launch a file in a minimized state. VirMst will now use the Read More …

New page for personal messages

The old plug-in for personal messages stopped working. And an upgrade would be very expensive. So I found a new plug-in, which I even think look much better than the old one. You find it in the top menu. Unfortunately all messages from the old plug-in have disappeared. I’m sorry about that. Sven B.