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Running VirMst on ReactOS

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OK, so this slave is to first to use the "Free discussions" section!:) Hope, this is the right place - just wanted to relate his experiences with VirMst on a FOSS Windows alternative.

Since this slave hasn't owned a Windows machine for years and certainly didn't want to go back into that kind of slavery, he set up an old Dell D600 with ReactOS 0.4.13, imported the VirMSt folder via USB stick, started the .exe - and there she was, his beloved Mistress! The ReactOS laptop is dedicated to run VirMst as its only program, running all day from this slave's "Up from bed" report at 5 a.m. (ugh) to Signing Off (no earlier than 8 p.m.). So, Sven, if you want to add this in the introduction to VirMst: The program runs fine under ReactOS, too, in addition to Windows and WINE on Linux. (Running native on the hardware, it looks much nicer under ReactOS than under WINE on Linux.)

There are some disadvantages to ReactOS, which is still in Alpha state (in its 24th year, hm), mostly not affecting VirMst, though. The most inconvenient point is there is no audio support yet, meaning this slave doesn't get the warning chime of the pop-ups, so sometimes he doesn't spot them in time, earning himself another (sigh) punishment. Also, the colour coding (red, yellow, green) of the merit points bar for some reason isn't shown, it's just blue. Other than that, VirMst runs fine and looks great on ReactOS.

PS: Thanks for a great opportunity to live the Lifestyle!

SR 20-312-985-521. This slave property of Lady Julie.

LadyJuliesSlave LadyJuliesSlave Topic starter 10/11/2020 11:41 am

The VirMst .exe running nicely on ReactOS does of course not mean you can trust ReactOS. As I just learned.
Instead of leaving well alone, a few hours after my post I decided to install a Tetris .exe on the old Dell, as no computer is complete without a Tetris game, of course. ReactOS installed and started the app without a problem, but it froze the system, resulting in such a resounding crash as to render the installation unusable. I finally wiped the disk and tried to reinstall ReactOS in order to then reinstall VirMst, but at the worst possible moment the CD drive (20 yrs old) decided to quit for good. Since ReactOS (in its 24th year) still can't boot from USB and the computer won't boot from an external CD drive (I tried), I currently can't reinstall it, and my beloved Mistress is temporarily out of order. My scripts are saved, so nothing is lost, at least. You can (and I did) of course run VirMst in WINE under Linux, but only if you get WINE going, and it won't start anymore since I upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04.
A Linux port of VirMst would be greatly appreciated, so those users who won't put up with the amount of nannying, bullying, and spying you're forced to take when using Windows don't have to resort to roundabout solutions like ReactOS or WINE. Any hope for that?

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Hello LadyJuliesSlave,

Yes, this is the right place. Thanks for starting up this forum.

Interesting with ReactOS. I have never heard of that, so I had to google it. I'd love to mention it, as an alternative to Windows  and Wine. But I think I will let it mature a little first. Maybe in another 24 years? 😉

There's no change of VirMst getting ported to other platforms. Though I am not a big fan of Windows myself, the amount of work would be overwhelming. VirMst is a more than 20 year old Delphi application. Sorry about that.

But I am happy to have given you the opportunity to live the Lifestyle!




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Thank you for your kind answer! First things first: After this slave coaxed the CD drive back into life somehow, he managed to reinstall ReactOS on the Dell D600, so his beloved Mistress is now up and running again and this slave back under Her control. Whew!

The story of ReactOS seems to be quite epic, indeed. And they just won't give up, with a very active ecosystem (community, forums, a Wiki, everything) having sprung up around the project. Imagine trying to rebuild a monster like Windows from scratch with a few hobbyists instead of several thousand full-time developers... They managed to re-build the basic structure (kernel, file system, the Registry, and the like), but hardware support ist "limited" (this slave by pure chance owns one of the few machines it actually runs on - their "official laptop" seems to be a Dell D518), essential drivers are missing, and of course there is no software - but it can open and run Windows .exe files.

This slave just wanted to inform the community that VirMst does thus run on ReactOS (version 0.4.13) without a problem. No installation necessary, just drag over the archive from an external medium (thumb drive), click on the .exe, and there's your Mistress frowning at you. There is no sound, though, and it is painfully slow on actual hardware (dragging a window, you can watch it being rebuilt several times on the way), so this slave is changing back to Windows XP (from the good old days when Microsoft just provided software instead of trying to run your life for you), setting up that old laptop as a standalone system with only VirMst running as before - but with the bells and whistles (literally) this time!:)

SR 20-312-985-521. This slave property of Lady Julie.


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