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4.3.16 crash at sta...
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4.3.16 crash at start

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Just downloaded the last version and it crashes at start.

Here is the VirMst.el file

(I am using a Surface Go with Windows 10. Last working version I tried on this machine was 4.3.6)

Than you for your work

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Thank you for the report. I have looked at the file, and it is not something I have seen before.

Can you still start 4.3.6 on the same computer?

Can you run newest version on other computers.

It gives an EOleSysError error. I don'r know what it is, so I googled it and found this explanation: This error occurs on your Windows 10 mainly due to the app or the program with unregistered DLL files.

It must be a plugin I am using, as I don't creates DLL files myself.

I need to look further into this.



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On this machine I can run the 4.3.6 and the 4.3.14 version of the program.

I tried 4.3.16 on a different machine with Win 10 installed as upgrade to Win 7 and it works fine.

Is it possible that the error is due to some libraries I have installed with the .NET framework on the 2nd machine but not on the first?


Thank you.

It could be because of the .NET framework. I am using functionality from Windows Media Player. A change that came in 4.3.16.

I didn't think it would give problems when not used, but maybe it loads the DLLs when the program start. And if those DLLs have been replaced, that may cause the problem.

Perhaps you can fix it. And I will think of a way to handle that situation.


If you still have this problem, please try the new version 4.3.17 and see if that solves the problem.


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I tried the latest version and it works.

Thank you very much! 🙇‍♀️