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camera use

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I do have a webcam, first of all. That's not the problem.


I can occasionally get my camera to work, but I can never figure out how to send them via email. could someone tell me how to do this? I am a newbie script-writer, and am having a lot of issues regarding the camera.

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Sending mails is complicated. It is necessary to have access to an outgoing mail server (SMTP server). If you use a mail program installed on your PC (not a webmail), you have that access.

But your outgoing mail server may not accept connections from unknown programs like VirMst, or they may have some restrictions. That differs from service provider to service provider, and cannot be described in general. 

My best description is in the Script Writing Manual. It may not be enough, but that is the best I can do.

Maybe others can give you more help.

Sven B.


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So, do I need to install a mail service on my PC, then?

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would something like EasyMail for Gmail work?


No, you don't need to install anything to your PC.VirMst is enough.

It's just that if you use an installed mail program, you may be able to get the information need to set up the mail.

Anyway, you need access to an outgoing mail server somewhere on the Internet. Your Internet service provider usually has one you can use.