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Can I autoexpire ta...
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Can I autoexpire tasks or otherwise suppress reminders?

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Really love the program! I've been spending some time recently trying to make my own script, and while a lot of the issues I've been having are undoubtedly niche/edge cases particular to my needs, one issue I've been consistently running up against is the need to simply expire tasks that don't get done on time—immediately, not after some arbitrary delay. Having them expire 1 second after the deadline sort of works, but because the reminder runs on the deadline, the sub gets a perfectly-useless 'You are 1 second late' popup, only to be followed immediately by the expiry popup(s).

More generally, I can see cases where I would not want to remind the sub of a deadline, even if the task doesn't expire, but I can't seem to find any way to do this. Am I missing something? If there isn't a way to do this, consider this a suggestion for the ability to set something like RemindInterval=Never.

Thanks for your consideration and for the excellent program!

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Personally I don't understand why you want to set up a job, and then don't care if it is done. But of course, that's none of my business. 😉 

I don't think it is possible today. But I find RemindInterval=Never a reasonable request, and I have added it to my request list.



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The situations where it's most relevant for me (so far, at least) are those where there is a task to be done within a given window of time, where that task is outside the control of either the script writer or the sub.

An example from my script is a Zoom meeting the sub is expected to attend at a given time on a given day. Because I want it to track the time she's in the meeting, I need to set EndTime to the time the meeting ends, rather than when it begins. If she's missed the meeting, she's missed the meeting—reminding her won't do her any good.

I've also found some daily tasks fit into this paradigm. If a task is missed today, it doesn't need to be done twice tomorrow. This is again more niche, 'cause a lot of times you can set an EndTime before midnight and use the reminder as it's intended, but there are cases where this doesn't really work (for me, at least! 😉 ).

Again, thanks for your consideration!


The remind is intented to issue a punishment. If you don't want that, I see what you mean. 

In the second situation, it is usually better to use Interval=1 instead of Run=Daily. Because the interval is measured from when the time was completed. So you won't have the same job twice on one day. 

In general, using Run= can be rather complicated to cover all situations. Using an interval is much simpler. 



The new version 4.3.16 has introduced RemindInterval=Never.