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Conditional Answers


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Hi Sven,


is it possible to hide certain options in a question definition.

In my script I have a particular question I want to a the sub, however the possible answers depend on the current state of the program.


In my current solution I define multiple versions of the same question and decide which one to show at any given time.

I am currently at 16 questions and 24 procedures. Which is tedious, error prone and if I wanted to add another possible answer I would need additional 16 questions and procedures.

With the ability to hide answers this could be reduced to one question and only one procedure per answer. (optional)


The syntax could work similar to the way the Select keyword works.

  Phrase=My Question
  ?Option A=MyQuestionA
  ?Option B=MyQuestionB
  ?Option C=*
    Message=Do something completely different....

  Message=Do something....

  Message=Do something else....
  • Option A: Would always be shown.
  • Option B: Would be shown when #SomeCounter is greater than 5
  • Option C: Is only visible if the SomeFlagIsSet flag is set.
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Hi DirtyDemon,

I'm afraid that it is not possible. And I think it would be too complicated to introduce.

You can use the same procedures if a lot of questions, but I don't see a way to reduce the number of questions.