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#counters in report

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I was trying to track the value of a counter through the reports and it seems that changes are not logged in at least one situation. This may not be enough of an issue but I’m often trying to solve problems with counter systems.

The counter in question goes up in the remindprocedure and down in the doneprocedure of a job. I can track the value by searching the term #ExtraWorkReminder, but there’s a blind spot when the job goes overdue while the programme is closed. When opened, the report acknowledges the RemindProcedure but does not state the new value of the counter:


sa 20 13:22:56 You are 13 hours 41 minutes 28 seconds late with Extra Work

sa 20 13:22:56 Playing sound Clout.wav

sa 20 13:22:56 "You are 13 hours 41 minutes 28 seconds late with Extra Work"

sa 20 13:23:06 Response time 10 seconds

sa 20 13:23:06 Flag on: ExtraWorkReminderSitch

sa 20 13:23:06 Next reminder at 20-11-2021 23:41:28


ExtraWorkReminderSitch is set only in the RemindProcedure:


[Procedure-Extra Work Reminder]


The report acknowledges the ‘Sitch’ flag, so the counter must have gone up too, mustn’t it? Would it be possible and worthwhile to include the detail in the report?

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Hi Simon

You are right, the counter must have gone up.

I think I know why it is not in the report. When the program is starting up, I disable showing the setting of counters in the report. That is because every active counter is read from the status file and set. And that was cluttering the report.

I will see if I can fix it so that counter that are changed by the script is written to the report.



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Hi Sven 

I’m not comfortable making requests, but thanks for any time you spend on it. I assure you that my satisfaction with your product is profound, at times overwhelming, and I trust you to treat the messages at your leisure. 

Btw, the problem I was having was due to a wrong assumption that RemindProcedure without RemindInterval does not repeat. It does. I’ve inserted 'RemindInterval=1000d', which should be enough to get the job done. Tests continue...

Thanks again for everything.