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Delete file status command?  



Hi Sven,

I'm wondering if it's possible to create a command that will delete the file status. The PgmAction=Close command closes the program, however, if the program is reopened it starts where it left off. This would be particularly useful with adult scripts where the question is asked if the participant is under 18. If they answer yes currently it just closes the program but if it's reopened the person can continue where the script left off. This would not be an issue if the status file were able to be deleted. Also, it would be an excellent way to control accountability. If the sub does not adhere to punishments with warnings the status file could be deleted and they would no longer be able to participate in the program. 

Thanks again for what you do. 


2 Answers

Hi Chazz,

I think this is a too special request to add to the program. And with a deleted status file, you can always start again.

What I do in these situations, is transfer the sub to a status from which it is not possible to escape.




Great idea Sven. Thank you!