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Don't show that webcam is taking a picture

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When the webcam takes a picture, even on random interval mode, it opens a window and waits about 2 seconds before taking the picture. This feels like plenty of time for the sub to "quick, look busy!" Is it possible for the webcam to (optionally) open with the window minimised - or ideally not even shown in the taskbar? This feels like it would be much more likely to get accurate photos of whether the sub is really doing what he is supposed to...

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If I remember right, showing the camera window was necessary to be sure to catch the picture.

I will see if I can open the window minimized and get the same result. I must admit that I am not an expert in using the camera, so I am trying to get it to work as best I can.




In the latest version, 4.3.17, the window will be minimized, making it more difficult to spot. It's not the ideal solution, but better than in the previous versions.


snrklprkr Topic starter 05/11/2023 9:43 pm

@sven_b Great, that's a good improvement! Then the sub can be encouraged to have the Windows task bar set to disappear when it's not in use and they shouldn't see anything at all then... 🙂