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Editor, editing or debug mode for recieved program  



Hello, as much as it might defeat the point is there a way to modify a current program you're using if it is asking things you can't or won't do?

Yes you can mark them as done, but in my case but I am absolutely spammed every day with increasing impossible things. It is unfortunate because I otherwise really enjoy using it.

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Hello Odd3,

It depends. If it is a downloaded or sample script that is an .ini file then it can be edited with any text editor. There are several .pdf files included with the program that will help you get started in writing or editing a script. If it is a .vmt file then the script is encoded and cannot be edited by the sub.



What file are you currently using? If it's a .vmt file and you can't modify it I would recommend contacting the programer if they are available.