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[Sticky] FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


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Will there be a version for Android, iPhone, Macs?

No. I have no plans on making versions for Android, iPhone, Macs, tablets or other devices. The code is not portable, and I have no intention on starting over from scratch. If you wish to make it yourself, feel free to do so.

Is the source code available?

No. The programs are not open source, and the source code is not available.

HI I am new to this will the script run on windows 10 - and or will it run on a server linux

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Hi KinkKat,

You're welcome to release your software. I realize that there is a need for a web solution. I have just never had the time and energy to make one.

If you credit me in the README file, I will be happy.



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Yes, it will run on windows 10.

I have not tested it on Linux, but I have been told that it runs under Wine. I don't know about servers, VM is intented to be a personal product. 


Hi Sven, 

Will you be releasing an updated "Script Writing Guide/User Guide" when Version 4 is ready for final release?

It would be great to be able to easily look at all of the new features/changes in one document.


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Hi Hoot,

The script writing guide is constantly updated and sent out with all beta releases that contains new functionality.

The user guide is not changing so often. I think that I have made some changes to that and to the demo scripts with version 4. But when the final version is released, it may will be a good idea for me to revisit it and see if any updates are needed.




Hello Sven! I have been thinking of creating a website/software based off of this, which will retain many of the features this software has.

It will have a similar system of Punishments, Permissions,  Instructions, e.t.c., and since it inherits quite a lot from your original program, I thought it would be best to ask you first before I release it to the public (if I ever do, as its just a person project I've been working on occasionally. It barely functions right now, as I'm just laying out the framework for how it all works)

I plan on having it open source, and crediting you at the top of the README file. If you would rather me not release it, that is totally understandable and okay, so please notify me by responding to this. If you don't respond, I'll take that as a no and won't publish it.

If you have any questions about this, you can reply to this as well. Thank you in advance for responding.


@kink-kat this sounds really interesting! If/When you get to the point where you're ready for testers and users please keep me in mind.