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Feature Request - Email From PopupGroup

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Hi Sven,

I'm really liking your Virtual Master program. I'm hoping to log a feature request.

I'm currently trying to trigger the submail feature before or with the "Yes Master" PopupMessage in a popup group. This doesn't appear to be supported.

I have setup the program to email to text and would like my sub to receive texts when the popup alarm sound.



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You can try to run some external program to send messages through email or a messenger. Maybe this will work?

MsOliviaLocke Topic starter 30/11/2022 3:39 pm

@asub Do you have any suggestions for programs that might do this?

The need would be a third party program that monitors for another program's popups and sends an email or something else I can script. My quick search yielded no results but I may not be using the correct keywords. It does look like there may be some functionality in powershell that could do the trick. If I get bored I may try to write something quick or better yet have subby fumble around with it for hours.

As it relates to VIRMST 4.x I already have the full function of submail sending to text and that works correctly (using my sub's phone carrier email to text address). In the program it's just a matter of when you can call submail in a popup. It doesn't look like you can currently trigger submail before the "Yes Mistress/Master" starting default popup. You can actually put the submail command in a popup-group and it passes 4.x's startup syntax checks but doesn't actually appear to do anything. I'm not sure of the innerworkings of Sven's code but it may just need a line or two to put in an option to use submail before a "Yes Master/Mistress" prompt.



@MsOliviaLocke This is an interesting request. I can see the potential, and I would like to do it.

It's not as simple as you think, because the program distinguish between commands that are executed in sequence (like SubMail) and things that happen automatic, like the popup message.

If you can live without PopupMaxTime, it will work for you. Because the automatic message is only shown when there is a max time. Maybe you can use this a s a circumvention.

As I said, I am willing to find a solution, even with PopupMaxTime, but it will take some time.




MsOliviaLocke Topic starter 30/11/2022 4:50 pm

@admin Thanks Sven,
I'll take a look at the circumvention recommended and am happy that you want to look into adding the feature. Hopefully it is doable and not too complicated or at the very least is one of those coding challenges that is enjoyable.

I'm really impressed with the platform you've put together and look forward to whatever other enhancements you may make in the future.


MsOliviaLocke Topic starter 30/11/2022 9:38 pm

@admin Hi Sven,


You can close out this issue unless you want to do it for simplicity's sake. I figured out how to accomplish what I was trying to do. Thanks for the tip on turning off PopupMaxTime, that was the key.


Again, I'm really impressed with what you've written here. The scripting language is pretty intuitive once you have a handle on it. Here is the snippet of script I'm using to accomplish what I was trying to do.


There is probably a more compact way to do the punish portion but what I have works. One would just need to turn off PopupMaxTime and sandwich a popup messages with the top two procedures below.


submail=You have a waiting popup


procedure=Late For Popup Punishment


[procedure-Late For Popup Punishment]
if=#Punish>5 subtract#=#Punish,5
message=You must react faster when your {$zzMaster} calls. You are {#Punish} minutes late.


message=You are the property of your {$zzMaster}.



MsOliviaLocke Topic starter 30/11/2022 10:12 pm

Just a correction on the above. I misunderstood the purpose of #zzMinuteOf and switched over to: minutes#=#Punish,!EndPunish

procedure=Late For Popup Punishment


@MsOliviaLocke Great that you found a solution. It's how I would have done it as well, if I has the need. 

Taking in account how rate your request is, I will close the issue now that you have a solution. And concentrate on other stuff. 

Thank you for letting me know.