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File not found.

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Hi Sven, decided to play around a bit, so created a new ini file using the headers from the demo. The script shows up in list of available scripts when I start VM but when i click on it it says it cannot find the file. seems to be a path problem, but I have no idea why. If I copy the whole demo file, it works. any idea what i am doing wrong? many thanks,.

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Hi franny,

That sounds strange. Could it be something with the file name? Do you have any national or strange characters in it.

I haven't experienced that problem before.



franny Topic starter 25/03/2023 1:17 pm

@sven_b Hi Sven, Yeah it was weird. seems Windows was defaulting to Wordpad rather than Notepad. although the files were named and saved correctly somehow the path got lost. Forcing Notepad solved the problem. Took a while tho!