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First Run Procedure / LineNumber=#...  




I'm trying to establish the linenumber in a lines job as a counter. It seems to work fine, except that on the first run of the programme VM complains that there's no value for linenumber. I've tried setting a default value somewhere in a procedure in the init section, but this doesn't seem to work. 

If I start with a fixed number for linenumber I can then change it after launching, say by setting the value in a report and then changing the script in the Job. But this isn't totally satisfying. 

Actually, none of the procedures in Init seem to run automatically: I've a long list of string values in a procedure called Set Titles, but it seems this needs to be called at other pertinent points in the script to avoid upset. 

Any ideas welcomed

PS Version 4 hasn't raised any problems for me that haven't already been covered. It's great!