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Greyed out menu options

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I have one status in which the menu options ‘Assignments’ and ‘Rules’ are greyed out / inoperative, but I can’t find Assignments=0 in the script. It’s a basic status:


Is it possible to generate this effect by means other than Assignments=0? I’m pretty sure I’ve never used that statement.

One other thing: the Report has gone all bold. It seems that in the transition from one procedure to another the font switched to all bold, rather than bolding just certain entries, and it's stayed like it. Is this a known indicator of anything? Is it reversible? 

Any help appreciated.

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The menu entries will be greyed out if you use "EndReport" where you change to the status.

Another reason can be that you have commented out the following section in the wrong way, like this:


instead of the right way:


Then all the keywords of that section will become part of your status.

An all bold report can happen either because of a bug in the program, or that you wrote some html codes to the report. The easiest way to get rid of it is to make a new report. You should regularly make a new report anyway, or it will become too big and slow down the program.

If you send me the report, I will check if it is a program bug.



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Bingo! The Permission that calls the Status contains EndReport, and I started a new VM report and font is back to normal.

Thank you! 😛 


PS I will send the report if you think it might help - it's a very generous offer - but all questions are answered at my end and I'm shaky about sharing. 


I'm glad that you have solved the problems. If you don't feel confident about sharing the report, then don't. I know that it often contains personal details. After all, the problem is easy to solve.


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Also interesting is the information...

"You should regularly make a new report... or it will become too big and slow down the program."

Assuming I understand correctly, this will help: I've routinely let the report get big enough that the browser can't handle it.


Yes, you will solve that problem as well. Personally, when I work with a sub, I let the script make a new report once a day. Using MakeNewReport=1. Usually when the sub goes to bed or gets up in the morning.


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Thanks again. I've put MakeNewReport=1 on a timer - 07:00 to 23:59. The program is rarely running at 7, so I get a fresh report when I first sign in. Sweet.