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How to close a prog...
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How to close a program

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Hi... I know I can launch a program outside of Virtual Master using launch=, but is there a way of closing the program as well? 




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Quick follow-up: I plumped for moving the bat file to the Beforedone procedure. This blocks the sub from being able to start a new job until the launch has been successful. I’ve used Launchwait, but I’m not sure this is required here. It works well, anyway. Thanks again for your help.

Just for info and chat, I’ve gone quiet on VM recently. I’m trying to quit smoking (day seven) and it’s having all sorts of effects on my behaviour. I don’t use VM to control my behaviour in any useful ways, though I want to start a new script with this intent, and I have no confidence that the virtual master has the know-how to really help with this project. He is me, after all, and I’m having trouble identifying who any of these characters are at the moment! I have limited concentration for coding right now. Hopefully I’ll regain the will shortly and get back on track.

Oh well... onwards and upwards.



Thanks for the update. And good lock quitting smoking. 

No, I'm afraid that VM does not have any know how on your life. 😉 But I hope that you will be able to use it successfully.


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