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[Sticky] How to report a problem

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You can report problems with the programs in this forum. Please create a new thread form each problem. And do not report problems in this thread.

In case of a breakdown

If you get a breakdown in VirMst, a file called VirMst4.el will be created. Please attach it to the bug report.

Please save the following files in case I need them: The script, the report file and the status file, all from the time of the break down.

If you use an encrypted script, the report file is called and the status file is called vm3stat.vms.

If you use an unencrypted script, the report file is called Report.htm and the status file is called vm3stat.vmt. 

In case of VirMst behaving in a wrong way

If you believe that VirMst is doing something, wrong you do this.

If at all possible, create a short script that shows the problem. Then I will be able to quickly recreate the problem, and hopefully solve it. Attach it to the bug report and mention the version of the program you are using.

If this is not possible, because the problem only occurs in a complex situation, I will need the following:

  • The script.
  • The report file (Report.htm or
  • The status file (vm3stat.vmt or vm3stat.vmt) from the time of the problem.
  • A description of what the program does wrong, and you think it should have done.


This will make it possible to solve problems faster and will save me time. Time that can be used to create improvements in the program. 😀 

Sven B.


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Thank you so much!