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install on Win 11

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Hi, I have the files downloaded into a download folder, does it matter where I unzip them to? I have tried unzipping them into Program Files folder and all seems well, however it does not show in the app list,  if i open the exe from the folder, Windows tries to prevent it running (think because its an unsigned script), if I tell it to run anyway it kind of starts but seemingly not properly, it pops up a load of to do tasks before the main window opens and does not ask any setup questions except which script to use. Am i missing something obvious or just being stupid! Help please! many thanks.


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Hi franny. Welcome to VM. 

This program is not a typical Windows program. The program can be unzipped in any folder, but I suggest that you use the folder where you wants reports, pictures etc. to end up. And where you want to maintain your scripts. Program Files is not a good idea, as it makes Windows think that it is an installed program. That's probably while you get the warnings. 

Create a folder somewhere that you like. Perhaps in Documents. 

The program is not installed, and will not show up in the app list. Open the folder where it resides, and double click on VirMst.exe. Or make a short to VirMst.exe on the desktop, and double-click on that. 

The program itself has no setup questions, except which script to use. And possibly some permissions. All other settings depends on the script. If you use one of the demo scripts, it will start with popping up a lot of tasks. This is simply to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the program. 

If you download a script from the website, place it in the same folder as the program. Then start VirMst.exe, and if it doesn't ask you tom select a script, use the menu File followed by Delete status file. Then you can start it again, and select the right script. 

If you haven't done it, look in the file User guide 4.1.pdf. 

I hope that this helps. Otherwise, write again. 







franny Topic starter 04/03/2023 7:16 pm

@admin Thanks, will try again!