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[Sticky] Know issues in Virtual Master

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This is a list of known issues in Virtual Master. 

Virtual Master 4.2:

Access violation at startup.

An error like the following can occur when the program starts, if other programs has taken all or most of the available memory.

Access violation at address 0040CF0B in module 'VirMst4.exe'. Read of address 037E1000.

Solution: Close other memory consuming programs and try again.


Virtual Master 4.1:

Duplicate jobs: If the sub takes a long time clicking OK when a job is announced, and if a new job needs to be announced while the program is waiting for the reply, there is a risk that some jobs will be announced twice.

This is especially a risk around midnight.

This is solved in 4.2.

EarlyPenalty1 and EarlyPenalty2 does not work.

This is solved in 4.2.


Virtual Master 3.4:

Change=daily in instructions does not always work. The instructions may change over the day. This is a bug that has turned up, I expect with a change in the Windows operating system. 

The problem is solved in version 4.

Jobs with Run=Daily and AddMerit creates problems for the merit system. They will reduce the maximum number of merit points that the sub can get. In the same way that punishments does. 

The problem is solved in version 4.

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