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Line break $zzL


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Text in INPUT or MESSAGE is single-line. Would like to insert line breaks but haven’t worked out how. Is $zzL the way ahead, and if so, how exactly should it be used?

    Input=This is a really really really... long line.

    Message=This is also a very very very... long line.

Can $zzL be deployed to break up the lines?  Or perhaps another method.

2 Answers

Hi Simon,

I don't remember if variables works for these variables, but if the do, the syntax should be something like:

Input=This is a really really {$zzl} really long line.



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Thanks Sven.

It works sweetly with messages. It’s problematic with ‘input’ text. I realise now that it is working, but the space for the Sub’s response obscures the lines of text. At font 18, the one my eyes most like, only one line appears above the space - font 10 reveals three. With string inputs (Input$=$...,) its workable even at font 18 since two lines can appear above the blank space. This will be useful. I’m not sure if border size will affect things. Will try later.