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Line writing - last key pressed time (or similar)  




I recently came across this line writing web site:

It gives a very different experience to the program's line writing test punishments as there is a word per a minute target so you can't sit there very slowly typing it out. 

Whilst it would be amazing VM replicated that, something simpler something to stop the sub from getting distracted whilst on the task would be an improvement. I am thinking something like a timer for the last key press and if nothing has been entered in some number of seconds then it aborts the task.

I had a quick look over and couldn't see an obvious way of achieving this. I was reluctant to do max time as it is hard to say how many lines need to be completed and how long that it might take.

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Hi SubParProgrammer,

The way I have designed the line writing is to resemblish writing on paper as much as possible. However, I have sometimes myself thought that maybe there should be a limit to the pauses allowed.

I will take a look at see what I can do.




Just to chime in, I would really enjoy seeing some kind of added functionality with the lines.

To be able to have an optional setting (something you can set in the "Punishment") for "MinTime Since Last Key Press", "MinTime Between Key Presses" and "MinTime Since Last Submitted Line" would be awesome indeed!

Hope this makes it into Version 4.


Well, you probably will not get it all. Even though it may not seem so, I try to make script writing as less complicated as possible. So I think I will limit it to one keyword in this direction.

After all, line writing is not the essense of this programs, as it is for others. I see a good reason for not letting the sub use days on a few lines. But I will try to not make it more complicated than necessary.