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Would it be possible to allow a string to stand in for a ‘line’ in a lines job?


My tests say it’s not currently possible, though my tests are not renowned for reliability. 

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Hello Simon,

I guess it's something that could be done. I have made a note to check it.

If I implement it, it will be the value of the variable of the time when the job is announced, that will be used. Not the value at the time when the sub starts writing the lines.






Thanks Sven.

Understood. The script is a growing magnificence of cogs and wheels that ascribes variables appropriately to punishments. Each new addition is like a round of Mousetrap! (Ever played that?) 


No, I haven't played Mousetrap.

Just an advice: Try to keep it as simple as possible. A complicated script is difficult to maintain. Like any other program.




The advice is appreciated. Simplicity isn’t easy, is it? Who was it who said “If I’d had more time I would have made this letter shorter?” I think Blaise Pascal. Or so they say.

I ain’t him. After five or six months working with VM I’m still a kid in a toyshop. A lot of my script is simple enough, with padding for randomisation, but much fun comes from tracking behaviour and reincorporating events. I dream up intricate systems of variables requiring swathes of administrative script, and much of this may turn out to be too complex for its own good, or simply beyond my mental pay-grade. Producing a holistic user experience will take time, and it may well require that I aim lower!

Anyway, if it seems I’m ignoring your advice, call it beginner exuberance.


I too am building my own script, working from ideas I've dreamed up (my "idealist" started with 5 lines, it's over 3 pages now) so I can appreciate where you're coming from.

I'n trying to implement all my ideas and make the script a holistic, well formatted, well punctuated experience first, then do a second pass to pare back/simplify what I can.

I'd guess after months of work yours is ahead of mine but if you'd like to swap scripts over PM (even though only partially completed maybe we can steal each others ideas?) I'd be open to it. No pressure though 🙂 I'm just always curious and looking for ways to EXPAND, lol.

Take care 🙂



Hi Hoot

Not sure I get the EXPAND reference, although maybe I do. Ew!

Also not sure I can add much to your repertoire – some of my favourite ideas have come from you and SubParProgrammer. But in short, yes. Is it possible to PM on this platform, or do we need to exchange mails?



I genuinely just wrote that in caps to emphasise how big my idea list had become! Unintentional pun achieved 🙂

As far as swapping scripts that aren't ready for public consumption, PM is possible. I'll send you a message soon with a google drive link to my current one, if you wanna do the same for me that would be great!