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Loops and small time values  



I'd like to create a stroke to the beat game. For this I need to loop a sound quickly.

loops: As far as I understand the scripting manual you intentionally omitted any loop structures to prevent people from acidentially creating endless loops. I know loops can still be made with the use of flags as seen in the green light red light game from user neoc. Unfortunately this isn't a suitable solution for me, because it quickly inflates the report file. Isn't there some backdoor/low level code solution that can be used to create loops if you know what you're doing?

time values: One beat per second isn't very fast. I need some way to measure time shorter than one second, how can I do this?

Of course I could just create a long sound file with the looped beat and then stop it by playing a short silent file (the programm seems not able to play sounds simultainiously, which would be cool too). But this would certainly be a very ugly solution so I'd prefer if there is a different way.

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1 Answer

There's no simple way to do this. I'm sorry. Maybe the long sound file is the best solution, though I agree that it is ugly.