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Minimizes but doesn...
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Minimizes but doesn't show in the tray.

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When the program minimizes on my machine it fails to show up in the tray on the task bar. You cannot restart the program at most it says another process is using it. Most of the time it doesn't even say this and when you look in task manager it doesn't even show the program is running

For instance in the Mommy Solutions script just before the diaper check the program minimizes and there is no way to answer the question.

Is there a way to fix this?

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I am looking into this problem.

I don't know the script, so I don't know what happens in it. But it should be visible in the taskbar, if minimized.

Sven B.

DiaperSissy DiaperSissy Topic starter 28/07/2021 11:30 pm

@admin I am in contact with the script author and she is looking into it as well. When the program self minimizes it disappears, gone, nowhere to be found. I have tried all the tricks I know admittedly few. If i try to restart it it briefly flashes a text response box too fast and not responsive to the mouse or keyboard. Then it disappears again, no system tray, no task bar, and no evidence in the task manager.
It is like it restarts and shuts off automatically.


I don't know the script either, but there is a setting which changes how VM behaves so that it minimizes to an icon in the system tray instead of the task bar. Perhaps he simply didn't see it there or windows has hidden it. You have to click on the little arrow to show all hidden icons. Just a thought. It should still show in the task manager though so maybe something else is going on.


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Thank you for your replies. It seems we have fixed the porblem