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Minor Display Bug  



Coming back to work on an old script, I was finding that the text was too large and the buttons were not visible. Using the text and border size commands in the font section fixed this in the main program. However, when testing the script I found that when changing the status, job, or punishment in the test menu the buttons on the right were still being pushed out of the window. Removing or changing the font size and border setting has no effect on this window. It's not a huge issue because you can still select the item you need with the arrow keys.


2 Answers

Hi Kathy

Thank you for your bug report. I don't really have time for the program at the moment, but I will look at the your report when I get back to it.

Sven B. 


I found the same Problem in [question-...].

Border keyword in [font] does work for me only in the main window.

It would be nice if i could use border in every [question-...] seperatly or if the border would also affect on the question windows.