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Mommy solution script not launching

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hi all,

When trying to launch Mommy Solution 8-10-16 i get an error message: 

"Error in script-file section general: Keyword not allowed in [general]: use openpassword, the program will ask for the password"

After clicking on okay the program just closes, any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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It sounds like a comment line has lost it's comment indicator, the semicolon (;). Or that the previous line has been split in two.


Kaitlyn23 Topic starter 01/10/2023 7:50 pm


i have previously managed to piece some things together with other scripts ive had some trouble with in the past, however im not very familiar with coding or the language that is being used.

is there any easy way of explaining what i could do to fix it or could it be a lot of different things in wich case i would have to look through the file myself in orderto fix it?


Well, you can edit the script, look for a line saying "use openpassword, the program will ask for the password" and place a semicolon (;) in front of it.

It may solve the problem.

Or try downloading the script again. It may have been corrupted.

In general I cannot offer support on other peoples scripts.



Kaitlyn23 Topic starter 01/10/2023 9:50 pm

@sven_b Ive succesfully renamed a couple lines that had a missing " ; " wich has solved the previous error. however now im getting another error "Error in script-file section status-Mommys Bedwetter: Keyword not allowed in status: prestatus". Ive located where the error is happening, but im not sure what the problem is since im seeing the same lines in other sections of the script. Maybe you know what it could be? in any case thank you for your help so far, i wouldnt have made it very far without you.


@kaitlyn23 What version of Virtual Master are you using with the script? If you are not using the correct version, that may be the issue.


There are updated versions of the programs available. Contact if you are interested.




@Kaitlyn23 It's a bug in the script. The script is from a time where VirMst was not as restrictive with bugs as it is today. I don't think it is a good idea to use an older version of VirMst. The newer versions are safer.

The specific problem here is that "prestatus" is allowed in some sections, but not in all types of sections. 

Again the solution is to place a semicolon first on the line. Be sure to look at the section headers, those between [ and ]. Only remove the line if it is in the section as the error message mentions. In this case the section starts with the line
[status-Mommys Bedwetter]

The line has never made any difference. Not in older versions of the VirMst either. The older versions just didn't report it as an error.