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New jobs sometimes ...
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New jobs sometimes get issued twice

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Hello. I am running version 4.0 of the program, and have been working on my script for over a year now. I've been learning script writing from scratch by trail and error. It seems that when using my script, when the program issues a new job, it sometimes issues that same job twice. It's not a constant thing. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn't. I started to wonder if changing a job from happening on a set day of the week (Example:  run=tuesday), to having it issued by Interval (Example: Interval=5,7) would make a difference. It seems to have had no effect on the problem. This strange glitch does not seem to happen to jobs that are issued daily (Example: run=daily). I can find no cause that I'm aware of that would sometimes have a job is issued twice, and other times just once. I must have done something funny in my script at some point over time. I have gone over it looking for possible issues, but so far have found nothing. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what could cause such an issue, so I can go back and see if your idea applies to my script.


P.S. - This "doubled job" would have the same exact due date and time as its mate.

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Hi 2Tone,

This sounds strange. I have never heard of it before. And I don't have any explanation.

Have anybody else registered this?





Just a thought.

If you  have two jobs with the same title, they would appear as the same job on the list.


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Sven B,

Thanks for your response. These duplicate jobs are not two separate jobs with the same title. The job, and it's unwanted twin, are in fact the same job. Over my time learning how to create scripts, I would copy and paste portions of other people's scripts, and change components for my own use. I would experiment with these snippets of script in an effort to understand how they work. Sometimes these snippets got deleted if I couldn't make an idea work. I try very hard to keep my script "clean," making sure I don't have any loose, unused code lying around. It's possible though that I missed something, and that's what's causing the problem. If that's the case, I don't know what, or where, this loose code is. After a year and a half of messing with this script it's gotten very long, and it is possible I'm over looking something. If I ever find the cause of the issue I will let you know. If anyone has experienced a similar problem I would be interested in hearing about it, especially if they found a solution. That solution at the very least, could give me an idea about where I need to look in my script.





If you can send me a report that shows the problem, maybe I can help. It must be the report from the time where the jobs were announced.

You can send it to

If you can include the status file (vm3stat), it will be even better. The status file must be from a time where the duplicates are in the assignments list.




I have recently discovered a bug in 4.1 that causes this problem.

If the sub takes a long time clicking OK when a job is announced, and if a new job needs to be announced while the program is waiting for the reply, there is a risk that some jobs will be announced twice.

This is especially a risk around midnight.

This will be solved in 4.2.