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PoseCamera without user input

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First off, really quickly, I absolutely adore the program, it is absolutely incredible, I have been having such fun with it, it is really intuitive to use and the documentation is superb!

To my question, I have found a lot of use cases where PoseCamera is fantastic for ensuring compliance with tasks, but I don't like the fact that you have to confirm the photo and can retake it, both for the fact that the photo can be redone as many times as needed, and also that it requires user input, requiring you to interact with the program.

My suggestion would be an additional camera command that can be triggered on demand and without forewarning, like PoseCamera, but takes a single photo without asking you to confirm it, like PointCamera. I hope that can be possible!

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Hi Alararama,

Thank you for your suggestion. The reason for the user to confirm the picture, is that a lot of things can go wrong so that the picture doesn't show what is expected. After all, the sub only has 6 seconds to position him/herself.

And remember that even if the sub rejects a photo, it is still saved and sent to you if you get the reports sent. If you don't get it sent, you can see in the report how many pictures there are, and what they are named.

Actually, user interaction is required anyway, because the sub is required to pose. So I don't really understand what you are trying to accomplish.

If you don't want user interaction at all, you can use CameraInterval in a status.


Alararama Topic starter 16/10/2023 11:28 am
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@sven_b That makes sense, thank you for your reasoning!


For context, some of the points where I thought that what I suggested would be helpful would be a random chastity/bondage check popup, where you have to quickly show what is requested to the camera - I would like that to be sudden and hard to work around in order to encourage you to always be ready to present.


The other was that I was trying to adapt the Position Training script that someone posted here a while back, but make it fully automated, with sounds (recordings of a voice saying the name of each position) playing automatically when moving to the next pose instead of a text box coming up which you have to click on. However, I also do like the original creator's idea of having PoseCamera take a picture at the end of each pose- but this requires you to get out of position and accept the picture, which breaks the flow. I have found a workaround using CameraInterval, but the timer for the poses is a variable range, so it's not quite as elegant to get it to line up and take a single picture of each pose. It would be more convenient to be able to trigger the Camera at each transition and get the shot when I want it.



The first situation you describe, is exactly what is the reason for the way PoseCamera is constructed. Otherwise it would be too easy for the sub to "by mistake" not get the device into the picture. As it is now, that is not an excuse, as it would force the sub to pose again. And if it took two minutes to say yes or no to the picture, I am sure that the controller would react. The same if it was clear from the rejected pictures that the sub hasn't even tried.

As for the second situation, I see your point. I have put in the wish list to be able to trigger a picture here and now.

As for the workaround. As long as the interval is shorter than the time each pose is active, you are relatively safe. The picture may not be taken at the end, but the sub will not know when it is taken. And there may be more than one picture of each pose.



Alararama Topic starter 16/10/2023 3:52 pm

@sven_b All about different approaches to compliance, I suppose!

Thank you for all your help <3


The newest version, 4.3.17, have a new instruction called "Snapshot=1" that can be used to take a picture without any user action.