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Preventing Job from being started after certain time

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I have a job which is put a clothes wash on, Once the wash is finished I want the sub to be told to empty the machine. This is set as 4 hours later and works fine. However if the sub is doing this after a certain time for example 19:00 it may interfere with the bed time routine.

The sub knows this but it doesn't stop autoassign from adding it.

I tried using the BeforeProcedure in the job but even having it as always deny it didn't seem to function.

Any thoughts? Would be nice to have a resolution as it puts a downer on using the auto assign procedure. 

I have considered just getting it to delay the timer which controls bed time instead, but I am not keen on that as a solution to the problem.

3 Answers

I think a part of code needed to search for the problem. And report can be very useful too to understand how VM is reacting on zzDeny flag.

I've tried BeforeProcedure for permission and found out that even after I set zzPermit flag, common chance set by Pct is applied 🙂 So, I had to set Pct=100, to decide if permission is allowed only by BeforeProcedure.


@asub: If that is true, then it is a bug in the program. I will look into it.

@SubParProgrammer: This is a complicated situation. There is not a simple solution. One way could be to hold the "Put the cloth wash on" job out of autoassign, so that the sub must start it manually.



@asub: I have tested this, and the program always respects the zzPermit flag, regardless of the setting of Pct.


asub 07/05/2022 6:57 pm

@admin you are completely right! I had a typo in script, I was setting zzAllow, instead of zzPermit 🙂
And in my case if none of flags was set, Pct was used.