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Question on Red Yel...
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Question on Red Yellow Green thresholds.

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@Admin Hi Sven,

I was curious if is there a way to update the thresholds for Red Yellow Green outside of the [general] section.

My use case is in a reward system I'm building out where a sub "levels up" depending on their reward choice. I would very much like to raise the thresholds to match their "level"

Ideally I could just set those values to a static variable and update the variables as needed. 

Another use case I would have for them in the future would be to raise the thresholds as part of a punishment or failure to complete a punishment.



Ms. O

2 Answers

Hi Ms. O,

Today there is no way to update the thresholds. But it should be possible. I have added it as a request. 

I must note that the colours are purely visual, unless you use the variables zzRed and zzYellow. And you can use your own variables instead. I realise that the visual impression is important, I just wanted to mention it. 




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Thanks Sven,

I had a few permissions tied to the zzRed and zzYellow numeric values it shouldn't be a problem for me to change those to variables and just set the bar so it is always green.

Thanks for once again pointing me in the right direction.


Ms. O